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The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008 has shown that investment banking generates incredibly complex and nested investment opportunities that, however, could not be mastered by experts as volatility increased. And so the value of the assets of the bank so far in the cellar that losses have been generated in unprecedented extent.

That’s why people always prefer safe investments! You can find more information on investing in global funds on, where investments in the most valuable and sustainable forms of investment are explained in more detail. The fifth world economic crisis in 2012 could well have its negative effects if the downward trend in Spain and Italy can not be stopped! Every investor can protect himself against the worst effects by avoiding certain types of investment and preferring certain types of investment.

In previous crises was: Property value suggests monetary value


Precious metals such as gold and silver are receiving a lot of attention in a time of constantly accelerating note printing. This is true because the fascination for precious metals remains unbroken and, unlike money, they can not simply be multiplied by increasing the amount of money. That is why many investors are guided by very different types of assets: be it the classic gold coin or the gold bullion. But stocks are also comparatively high in price, because they securitize a securitized share of a tangible asset – for example, the company and its machines – and are therefore not so affected by inflation and currency changes.

The strategy of regional diversification is trump

The strategy of regional diversification is trump

At present, the critical analysis is mainly focused on the weaker countries of the Eurozone. Because a fixed currency mechanism or a common currency makes many balancing mechanisms, such as a devaluation to increase international competitiveness, much more difficult or impossible. That’s why many fund managers rely on stocks from emerging or Asian countries. You can find more information on investing in global funds on, where you can also find out a lot about the emerging markets. So it is worth taking a look at the basic data or the main developments of the national economies. Growth in Asia and in the so-called “tiger states” is many times higher than within the European Union. Moreover, investment in Europe is made much more difficult simply because Europe’s path is not yet clear. Anyone who invests today as an entrepreneur does not know whether his investment will later be within core Europe or whether he would invest in the “wrong” part of Europe, perhaps through a breakup of the EURO zone.

Diversifying your investments properly and channeling them to the best countries is a very exciting task. This expertise enables a more informed and evidence-based decision.


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