Personalized and special loan for clients – Understand more!

Custom and special customer loan

Custom and special customer loan

Is getting a custom or special loan easy? Let’s see .. Each type of person, company or entrepreneur has a different special credit need at the time of the squeeze, this is what will make everything different in the contractor’s pocket. Each case should be evaluated in a unique way and sometimes the financial conditions that work for one borrower does not work for other types of people and businesses.

Do you know how the custom loan, special or exclusive loan works? They are made according to the profile of the applicant, this profile can influence both the interest rate charged on the transaction, as well as the loan term and the terms of payments, including discounts for some extra costs.

Today the vast majority of economically active people who have a bank account and a financial life, have credit in the square, knowing this, when you apply for a personal loan or financing, do not miss the chance to negotiate the best conditions for yourself or for your company and business.

By the way, personal loans and joint financing may not be the best way out. So make sure there are alternatives or a type of loan that is customized for your borrower profile. For companies, choose the ones that are the best investment and that have a more acceptable cost-benefit.

How is it, and how does the custom loan work?

How is it, and how does the custom loan work?

The custom loan is a transaction in which you receive specific credit or those you use as you wish, even to help clear debts or solve other financial problems. ” A custom loan is used by those who need money, and necessarily does not need to prove the purpose of the use .” The mode is released with terms adjusted according to the customer profile.

This customized alternative is suitable for people who need cash for contingencies or any other need that requires the use of small or large sums of money. The conditions are all structured for a specific or non-specific case.

Where can I get personalized personal loans?

The tip is to always make a comparison or simulation of the transaction with an account manager at banks, credit unions or credit unions or if possible, use online loan applications, loan marketplaces or internet credit platforms.

The most common way to get personalized loans is to go to the nearest bank or financial institution and talk directly to your manager. This professional can present you the bank’s proposals and help you analyze your situation and see what is the best type of credit for your customer profile.

Do most banks and financial companies offer this service? Yes! Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco Itaú, Banco Santander and Bradesco have their services of loans with personalized credit through special, exclusive or preferential accounts, to have access just request this service.

What does it take to get a custom loan?

The documents you will need to make the transaction are: original CPF and RG and a recent loan, which is able to prove the value of your monthly income and be included in some category eg retired, pensioner, military, public servant , special customer etc. Having these documents, the process is fast and quiet.

Each bank has its conditions to release this concession. Generally, the person is required to have a clean name and current CPF in federal income. This is a guarantee to the bank that you are not a bad debtor.

Unlike the payday loan, the person interested in obtaining this type of credit should know that there are some barriers that can cause the bank to deny the loan. The personalized personal loan will be denied if the applicant has the name denied in consulting company or has the CPF irregular in the IRS.

What do you need to evaluate before applying for a loan?

Before evaluating the best type of loan or financing, compare, research and simulate a lot. Check which financials, banks and other lenders to find out which offer the best conditions, interest rates and terms. Do the math, and do not commit to financial debts that you can not afford.

Choosing exactly where you are going to apply for this loan is crucial, make sure the value of the installments is right for your pocket, and whether you can actually afford them every month. It is a good idea to hire a financial and credit consultant. He will be able to help you do a good business most of the time.

Is it worth applying for a personal loan?

Many people still get fearful when it comes to borrowing money. Not least, doing business with financial institutions and taking out debt with banks is always a risk. Interest can wipe out your finances and you can still get more in debt over time.


Despite all these risks, if today you need custom loan or even common loan, the conditions on all online credit platforms are much more facilitated and the contract may suit your financial conditions and profile. Good luck!